Saturday, July 25, 2015

How Targeted Individuals are Selected

1. Selected at Random as to not Develop any Recognizable Patterns(For Experimentation Typically). This is the biggest factor I believe. There are no truly random computer processes in my understanding, so this is probably just selecting lots of people from profiling to not have any recognizable pattern for researchers.
2. Genetics/Bloodlines ~ Certain genetics have markers for enhancing various different technological methods. Certain bloodlines are known to have better genetics for being "Activists" and "Altruistic" etc.
3. Soulular/Personality Quality's ~ Political dissidents who are potent are liable to be targeted in some way. The Shadow Government has gotten into mapping the soul of people. Certain souls naturally have quality's that go against the agenda, if those souls are potent, targeting has some form of likelihood.
4. Discernment Ability. Usually Only Applicable if the Target is Liable to Take Peaceful Action and is Effective at it. This is based on ability to destroy the shadow government's agenda.
5. Being on too Many Political Dissident/Activist Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Lists". Such as being an activist for Palestine gets you on a "List". Enough lists and targeting is almost a given. I will note that cowering in fear of targeting, instead of being yourself is not respectable to me or beneficial for our planet/society...
6. Societal Influence. This is most often covert targeting, and thought suppression I imagine...
7. Tangled with Shadow Government Connected People. Sometimes just pissing off a black ops agent or black ops connected person can yield targeting.

I am not all knowing to be clear, obviously. So I am in all likelihood unaware of some things...


  1. I have alot of qustions. Can it / they read privit thoughts of a ti? I dont me guessing the thoughts based on past reactions but know what we are thinking independently without any other influences

    1. Yes they have thought surveillance of TIs via remote neural monitoring. You can contact me with the contact me form on the right hand side panel and ask any question you want and I will try to help you. You can also go to my main website, lots of info there.


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