Monday, July 27, 2015

Please Do Not Resort to Violence ~ Violence is Self Defeating

Violence is self defeating. It is what the perpetrators of targeting crimes want. It works right into their agenda. This works directly into the hands of the people doing targeting and makes it more dangerous for all other targeted individuals.

Last year Myron May, a targeted individual, shot up a a college campus yard. Additionally another TI Aaron Alexis shot up a Navy yard. I have no doubt both were being mind controlled/influenced to commit these atrocities in a strategic fashion. I have zero doubt more TIs will be manipulated/coerced/mind controlled to carry out similar actions.

As a targeted individual it isn't likely you will ever find the main people responsible for your case. The decision makers of these crimes are well hidden from society and exposure. Even if you did/do know some of the perpetrators, killing them is not the right action to take in my view.

Violence is never the correct route to go. Violence committed by TIs just brings more attention and hard handed mental health actions against targeted individuals. It will destroy the life of the TI who commits violence in just about all likelihood. Not to mention in every case where a targeted individual shoots up some place as result of their targeting it is innocent victims being killed/injured.

If one is truly against injustice (and in a sane mindset) they would not be willing to commit injustices upon others. If you are a TI, you of all people should know injustice and harming others is wrong.

The targeted individuals who have shot up various places are just being used. Being used to disarm America. Being used to apply more unneeded mental health scrutiny to TIs. Being used to commit more injustice. Being used to perhaps kill people the targeting groups want dead.

It just isn't reasonable or intelligent to attack anyone as result of being targeted. Anyone you attack is just a patsy or innocent. The true decision makers of targeted individual cases are safe and unknown to you in almost all likelihood.

I urge targeted individuals to never take action in the form of violence. It is exactly what the perpetrators want. You will never find the black ops agent that is the apex decision maker of the crimes associated with you. The people you attack in almost all likelihood are innocent people... If you want to take action(which is respectable), write a script full of rational reasonable discourse, perhaps ask for feedback from a non TI asking what they would leave out, record it, and upload it to youtube. If you do not put any ridiculous sounding things, and speak in a reasonable rational manner, this works against the agenda of the perpetrators. Violence is never the answer...

Bill Clinton's US Government Apology to Targeted Individuals of the Past

I personally do not accept this apology. The people who do this stuff do it thinking there will be no penalty, and without remorse. They do not hesitate to continue these programs... However I post this for evidence purposes for targeted Individuals...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paradise is a State of Mind, as is Hell ~ Seeing the Positive Side of Targeting

The title is just my opinion. In my subjective view hell is a state of mind. Targeting can often lead to individuals experiencing hell first hand.

A big part of targeting is use of trauma and torture to endarken someone's outlook on life(or to endarken their life in general). Perhaps some TIs could gain from a optimistic approach...

Have you learned from being targeted?

Have you become a stronger individual because of targeting?

Have you learned some of the planet's secrets?

Has targeting given you a better vision/discernment of what truly goes on in the world?

I can say yes to all of those things. I am not saying I am thankful for my targeting, or saying I would go through it all again.. But it has benefited me as well as been a major tribulation.

I am not an optimist or a pessimist. With the glass study I see it as a glass that is filled halfway, not half full or half empty... I think overall, optimism is more helpful than pessimism, but both have rational uses.

To every TI on the planet(and really anyone else), I recommend conquering fear. What conquering fear is, is being immune to fear controlling your decisions. It does not mean you do not feel fear.

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." ~Mark Twain

Conquering fear is not always an easy task, so I can sympathize with someone saying I might be suggesting something that seems impossible for them....

After I conquered fear, I was immune to a large array of targeting tactics. For example now when they say they will kill me for something, I say "I do not fear that", I truly do not fear death. I do not fear torture much at all,...other than tortures that can character assassinate me aka affecting reality in some way rather than affecting my well being.. And I do not fear the majority of things that used to work on me.

Any time you feel fear as a targeted individual it has a likelihood to be synthetic in my experiences, especially if that fear seems strategic when analyzing one's actions as result of such. Being mindful of what fear contributes to in terms of actions is a useful premise for TIs in my view...

So, in short, doing what one can to be optimistic, and see things in a more positive light can help the state of mind one is in. And almost everything of which is important, is a state of mind in my view. I have found detaching from caring so much about certain things being done to me has been helpful. In other words reacting less to what happens.

A major part in mastering a targeting situation is reacting little or null to what they do to you. For example for organized stalking/gangstalking targets I recommend seeing the stalking as a futile attempt to affect your psychology, see it as flattery they decided to spend resources on you, and react as little as you can to whatever they do.

Paradise is a state of mind. Hell is a state of mind. Are you doing what you can to hone in one the states of mind you desire? I am :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How Targeted Individuals are Selected

1. Selected at Random as to not Develop any Recognizable Patterns(For Experimentation Typically). This is the biggest factor I believe. There are no truly random computer processes in my understanding, so this is probably just selecting lots of people from profiling to not have any recognizable pattern for researchers.
2. Genetics/Bloodlines ~ Certain genetics have markers for enhancing various different technological methods. Certain bloodlines are known to have better genetics for being "Activists" and "Altruistic" etc.
3. Soulular/Personality Quality's ~ Political dissidents who are potent are liable to be targeted in some way. The Shadow Government has gotten into mapping the soul of people. Certain souls naturally have quality's that go against the agenda, if those souls are potent, targeting has some form of likelihood.
4. Discernment Ability. Usually Only Applicable if the Target is Liable to Take Peaceful Action and is Effective at it. This is based on ability to destroy the shadow government's agenda.
5. Being on too Many Political Dissident/Activist Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Lists". Such as being an activist for Palestine gets you on a "List". Enough lists and targeting is almost a given. I will note that cowering in fear of targeting, instead of being yourself is not respectable to me or beneficial for our planet/society...
6. Societal Influence. This is most often covert targeting, and thought suppression I imagine...
7. Tangled with Shadow Government Connected People. Sometimes just pissing off a black ops agent or black ops connected person can yield targeting.

I am not all knowing to be clear, obviously. So I am in all likelihood unaware of some things...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Microwave Hearing aka v2k Used on Targeted Individuals (TI's)

I will be writing more about this in the future, however I wanted to provide a little evidence for TI's who have family that do not believe them or may be on the fence.

Microwave hearing has the ability to beam voices into the mind of a human being. It has been public science since the 1960's.

Here is a snip from the microwave hearing wikipedia page:

Microwave Auditory Effect
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with speech modulation, spoken words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II. These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby. The microwave auditory effect was later discovered to be inducible with shorter-wavelength portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish[1] information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect.

The wikipedia page does have a "Conspiracy" section where it denies a conspiracy involved with this, but the fact remains to those in the know, the technology exists to beam a voice into someone's mind. The US military/intelligence complex is well aware of this, and has been using microwave/RF hearing to discredit TI's, as well as covert suggestion for operatives for several decades. They also use it to threaten, intimidate, and harass targets. Also occasionally used to contact people in a covert and untracable fashion to get them to do actions the shadow government desires.

Dr Robert Duncan's book Project Soulcatcher Voll II page 85:
"I worked for Microsoft and other large software companies. My handlers told me through the microwave hearing effect if I did not put a backdoor into their databases and operating systems that they would kill my family. I went to homeland security and the FBI, but they didn't care. They just said I was crazy. I never did it and my family was never killed." ~Interview with a Corporate Spy

I emphasize to targeted individuals who are spoken to with electronic telepathy, it does not take an implant for such things...

Microwave hearing is not the only way v2k can be done. CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, who worked on these technologies in black projects, notes at least 4 different ways to beam a voice into someone's mind.

The biggest reason the black ops sources speak with electronic telepathy aka v2k to TI's is to get them diagnosed as schizophrenic, or to make people think they are schizophrenic. Every targeted individual is involved in a war against their credibility. More on this in the future...

Update: Here is a link to a paper from 2003 related to microwave hearing:
Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence ~ by John McMurtrey ~ 23 Dec, 2003

Here is a Comprehensive Look at Electronic Telepathy - v2k
Here are Electronic Telepathy Patents
Here is a good paper: On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology

Government Sources Validating Targeted Individual's Testimony - From The Horses Mouth

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tactics Used on Targeted Individuals (Video)

Covered in the Video:
Street Theater
Sleep Deprivation
Character Assassination
Microwave Hearing aka Electronic Telepathy
Engineered Psychosis + Implanted Thoughts/Beliefs + Trauma Based Mind Control

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