Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paradise is a State of Mind, as is Hell ~ Seeing the Positive Side of Targeting

The title is just my opinion. In my subjective view hell is a state of mind. Targeting can often lead to individuals experiencing hell first hand.

A big part of targeting is use of trauma and torture to endarken someone's outlook on life(or to endarken their life in general). Perhaps some TIs could gain from a optimistic approach...

Have you learned from being targeted?

Have you become a stronger individual because of targeting?

Have you learned some of the planet's secrets?

Has targeting given you a better vision/discernment of what truly goes on in the world?

I can say yes to all of those things. I am not saying I am thankful for my targeting, or saying I would go through it all again.. But it has benefited me as well as been a major tribulation.

I am not an optimist or a pessimist. With the glass study I see it as a glass that is filled halfway, not half full or half empty... I think overall, optimism is more helpful than pessimism, but both have rational uses.

To every TI on the planet(and really anyone else), I recommend conquering fear. What conquering fear is, is being immune to fear controlling your decisions. It does not mean you do not feel fear.

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." ~Mark Twain

Conquering fear is not always an easy task, so I can sympathize with someone saying I might be suggesting something that seems impossible for them....

After I conquered fear, I was immune to a large array of targeting tactics. For example now when they say they will kill me for something, I say "I do not fear that", I truly do not fear death. I do not fear torture much at all,...other than tortures that can character assassinate me aka affecting reality in some way rather than affecting my well being.. And I do not fear the majority of things that used to work on me.

Any time you feel fear as a targeted individual it has a likelihood to be synthetic in my experiences, especially if that fear seems strategic when analyzing one's actions as result of such. Being mindful of what fear contributes to in terms of actions is a useful premise for TIs in my view...

So, in short, doing what one can to be optimistic, and see things in a more positive light can help the state of mind one is in. And almost everything of which is important, is a state of mind in my view. I have found detaching from caring so much about certain things being done to me has been helpful. In other words reacting less to what happens.

A major part in mastering a targeting situation is reacting little or null to what they do to you. For example for organized stalking/gangstalking targets I recommend seeing the stalking as a futile attempt to affect your psychology, see it as flattery they decided to spend resources on you, and react as little as you can to whatever they do.

Paradise is a state of mind. Hell is a state of mind. Are you doing what you can to hone in one the states of mind you desire? I am :)


  1. And yes I realize some states of synthetic fear cannot be avoided. And mind control can make some things impossible. However eventually almost all TIs gain some form of self control...

  2. Self-soveriegnty over adversity is an accomplishment that is a marker of growth, wisdom and grace. Your assertion of a positive stance brings strength to others and diminishes those instrumental in acts of targeting.

    Hats-off to Omnisense!

  3. I completely agree! No one can destroy the spirit, soul, or eternal life.


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