Monday, July 27, 2015

Please Do Not Resort to Violence ~ Violence is Self Defeating

Violence is self defeating. It is what the perpetrators of targeting crimes want. It works right into their agenda. This works directly into the hands of the people doing targeting and makes it more dangerous for all other targeted individuals.

Last year Myron May, a targeted individual, shot up a a college campus yard. Additionally another TI Aaron Alexis shot up a Navy yard. I have no doubt both were being mind controlled/influenced to commit these atrocities in a strategic fashion. I have zero doubt more TIs will be manipulated/coerced/mind controlled to carry out similar actions.

As a targeted individual it isn't likely you will ever find the main people responsible for your case. The decision makers of these crimes are well hidden from society and exposure. Even if you did/do know some of the perpetrators, killing them is not the right action to take in my view.

Violence is never the correct route to go. Violence committed by TIs just brings more attention and hard handed mental health actions against targeted individuals. It will destroy the life of the TI who commits violence in just about all likelihood. Not to mention in every case where a targeted individual shoots up some place as result of their targeting it is innocent victims being killed/injured.

If one is truly against injustice (and in a sane mindset) they would not be willing to commit injustices upon others. If you are a TI, you of all people should know injustice and harming others is wrong.

The targeted individuals who have shot up various places are just being used. Being used to disarm America. Being used to apply more unneeded mental health scrutiny to TIs. Being used to commit more injustice. Being used to perhaps kill people the targeting groups want dead.

It just isn't reasonable or intelligent to attack anyone as result of being targeted. Anyone you attack is just a patsy or innocent. The true decision makers of targeted individual cases are safe and unknown to you in almost all likelihood.

I urge targeted individuals to never take action in the form of violence. It is exactly what the perpetrators want. You will never find the black ops agent that is the apex decision maker of the crimes associated with you. The people you attack in almost all likelihood are innocent people... If you want to take action(which is respectable), write a script full of rational reasonable discourse, perhaps ask for feedback from a non TI asking what they would leave out, record it, and upload it to youtube. If you do not put any ridiculous sounding things, and speak in a reasonable rational manner, this works against the agenda of the perpetrators. Violence is never the answer...

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