Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dr. Robert Duncan Diploma and Harvard Thesis

I highly respect Dr. Robert Duncan for his work in the field of targeted individuals as well as exposing the covert technologies the population of the world is currently being afflicted by.

Like anyone who is a truth teller Robert has been attacked with attempts to discredit him(as he predicted in his book(s)). One of the biggest claims against him I see people bring up all the time is he never went to Harvard. I researched this a bit and found a picture of his diploma, as well as found this posted on a forum:

Proof of attendance at Harvard: Dr. Robert Duncan takes flack from trolls, confused TIs, the naive and clueless public, and government agents who defame and try to tear him down and one such false claim is that he isn't a Harvard attendee or Harvard graduate.

I did the search for information myself and confirmed that he did in fact attend Harvard. I looked for his dissertation, and I located his thesis on Computer Generated Holograms which he mentioned in his book, The Matrix Deciphered. Harvard lists this thesis as being available in the Harvard Gordon McKay Library and Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory Library on it's website, written by Robert P. Duncan call number CSDuncan1991, barcode 32044056580962.

"The Library provides information resources and services to support faculty research, graduate and undergraduate level instruction in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Collection includes 126,393 volumes and 564 currently received journals."

On March 5th 2015 Dr. Robert Duncan uploaded a scan of one of his diploma's to Peacepink.

Not only that, I have Robert as a contact, and one of his personal emails is a Harvard email, which is only available to alumni.

Anyone who has the courage to speak sensitive truths in the field of alternative information is bound to be discredited by the same sources they are exposing. I am quite sure I will be further character assassinated for my own work if it gains any notable attention.

In my view Dr. Robert Duncan is a true hero, and the flack he has gotten for simply trying to help targeted individuals, and convey the truth to the public I see as wrong. In my view Dr. Robert Duncan is the best source for practical advice for TIs. His books are linked in the book section of this website. He deserves support...

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Police, Feds, and Mental Health Are Not There to Help

As can be seen in this video:

Speaking about one's targeting to the police, mental health "professionals", or the feds is never productive. Almost all of them will just think you are insane, and it can lead to detention in mental health facility's. It never ends targeting, it never is a solution. In fact speaking of one's targeting situation to any of the 3 I mention is more often than not counter-productive.

One of the worst parts about being a TI is that you have no support to turn to from official sources. Instead of help from these sources, they often misdiagnose TIs and push/force harmful drugs on them, and lock them up in psyche wards.

The Police cannot stop targeting, even if they believe you.
The Feds(FBI etc) are not interested in curbing this issue, and will even fabricate evidence against you to justify locking you up, as seen in the above video.
Mental Health "professionals" deal with mentally ill people all the time. I'm not sure a single psychiatrist in America can identify the truth, that governments around the world are indeed targeting people with invisible weaponry. Psychiatry is not a science and it is not a solution for legitimate targeted individuals.

If you are targeted with v2k, I personally would not go telling a doctor or psychiatrist. They are not equipped to help, even if they do believe you(which is pretty much never the case). Nowhere in the indoctrination of psychiatry is there information about legitimate government targeting, and especially there is nothing about microwave hearing to produce voices in a targeted individual's mind. They are out of their league when it comes to targeting, and pretty much never help, and in many cases can hurt the TI involved.

If you need support I recommend Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance support groups. Or finding a TI friend who has more experience than you who can offer advice.

If any TIs would like a friend and an open ear they can add me to skype or use the contact form. I do try to help any TI that comes to me, but it isn't always possible. I do not have ultimate solutions to targeting, but I do have a lot of experience with the tactics used in targeting.

I considered stopping helping TIs one-on-one because at times they are weaponized via mind control against me when I offer my friendship/help. The fact that I wish someone was there to help guide me to better decisions when my targeting first happened leads me to always offer a helping hand to TIs who need it.

My Skype: Omniverse101

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Targeted Individual Ken Rhoades /w Pete Santilli

I Am A "Targeted Individual" - A Conversation With GMN's Ken Rhoades

Excellent interview with an mkultra survivor.

Friday, August 14, 2015

FFCHS Podcast 22nd March 2014 Guest Dr. Robert Duncan

This interview has a ton of great advice for targeted individuals. Echoing my own sentiments that a lot of electronic harassment is centered around causing a reaction aka causing stress and psychological trauma, and reacting less to it can be very beneficial.

FFCHS podcast 22nd March 2014 guest Robert Duncan

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Targeted Individuals ~ Covert Transhumanism Preview

I have been working on a quasi-Documentary, this is a preview of the Targeted Individuals segment of the Documentary. I will probably still add new content to it, so it's not completed yet. It is mostly finished I'd say.

Targeted Individuals ~ Covert Transhumanism Preview

Also stay tuned for my full length Targeted Individual film in the future:
The Invisible War ~ 21st Century Targeting

Targeting and/or Murder of Musicians

Musicians are a sore spot for the shadow government. The shadow government has an agenda to control as much of society as possible. Musicians can effect paradigms like no other source. Sound is a relatively universal language. A potent voice in the mainstream music field would damage the shadow government's agenda greatly. For this reason and others musicians are targeted at times, most often resulting in character assassination via mind control or murder, but not limited to.

"The Good Die Young." -Unknown

Bob Marley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, and countless others I believe were murdered by groups like the CIA. They were all talented musicians/artists, and most seemed to have uncommon discernment and/or spiritual qualities. Everything lines up for these artists to be murdered and/or mind controlled.

The shadow government almost never blatantly murders people these days. They commonly use remote influencing technology/black project satellite weapons + mind control on targets to produce death scenarios such as:

•Mind Controlled Overdose
•Engineered Car or Plane "Accidents"
•Mind Controlled Suicide
•Murder that is Staged to Look like Suicide
•Technological Heart Attacks
•Electromagnetic Radiation Based Cancer and/or Other Fatal Ailments
•Various Types of "Accidents"
+Much More

50 million ways to die, and the shadow government can pull off pretty much all of them covertly with the full technological suite they have. Most of the time these days when the shadow government murders someone, there is plausible deniability. There is almost always an alternate explanation given for the illusionists to hide behind.

Without a proper initiation to what the leaders of this planet are actually into, one might think they wouldn't be murdering musicians. However I know first hand that being a conspiracy oriented musician who can explain things with uncommon clarity, will indeed get one targeted... It was the beginning of my own rabbit hole with the illuminati when I started making music, and graduated from music school. So I know for a fact they are very interested in musicians.

Bob Marley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac Shakur, and Curt Cobain were all targeted individuals in my educated estimations. The music industry is one of the most controlled and transhumanized industries on the planet. If you ever see a smear campaign directed at a celebrity, it may be useful to see what that celebrity has been saying/doing...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coordinating Electronic Harassment with an Environment

Misperceptions are very common with targeted individuals. This at times cannot be blamed on the targeted individual's flaws in thinking, but by electromagnetic mind control methods(in my experiences).

In my own case and many other TI cases I have researched/investigated, I have noticed the targeting sources coordinate electronic harassment to an environment. They coordinate electronic harassment to an environment with the intent of convincing the target of false assumptions on what is actually the source of the electronic harassment. The groups that do targeting have studied and know illusions very well, you could call them master illusionists in their most advanced methods(which they do not always use on every TI).

Coordinating electronic harassment to an environment often leads to a TI thinking people/things are 'in on' their targeting who are in their physical presence. This is in part, done to discredit the targeted individual. When a TI says their Doctor/Psychiatrist/Neighbors/Family/Store Clerks/etc are in on their targeting it immediately discredits the TI to whoever they tell their perception of what is happening to them. Especially if it is a family member who knows they are not involved...

Coordination to an environment can be things such as stopping the electronic harassment once a TI does a certain action, carrying out electronic harassment coordinated to the actions of people the targeting sources would like a TI to accuse/attack/ and/or believe is one of the sources of their targeting, and much more. Almost any environmental factor can be effectively coordinated to electronic harassment to convince the target of illusions. I call acts like this technological mind tricks. Technological mind tricks are abundant with targeted individuals as well as in "New Age" circles.

After experiencing coordination of electronic harassment to an environment with extreme intensity, I can safely say the surveillance grid is extensive, and the most powerful governments on the planet have extensive media and environmental surveillance of planet Earth. They can coordinate electronic harassment to almost anything. Anything on cable TV or youtube they have analyzed and can coordinate. They have thought surveillance of any target they would like on Earth, and can coordinate much with said technologies.

I will write an article on Street Theater and Organized Stalking/Gangstalking/Zersetzung/Zersetsen in time, stay tuned for that.

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