Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coordinating Electronic Harassment with an Environment

Misperceptions are very common with targeted individuals. This at times cannot be blamed on the targeted individual's flaws in thinking, but by electromagnetic mind control methods(in my experiences).

In my own case and many other TI cases I have researched/investigated, I have noticed the targeting sources coordinate electronic harassment to an environment. They coordinate electronic harassment to an environment with the intent of convincing the target of false assumptions on what is actually the source of the electronic harassment. The groups that do targeting have studied and know illusions very well, you could call them master illusionists in their most advanced methods(which they do not always use on every TI).

Coordinating electronic harassment to an environment often leads to a TI thinking people/things are 'in on' their targeting who are in their physical presence. This is in part, done to discredit the targeted individual. When a TI says their Doctor/Psychiatrist/Neighbors/Family/Store Clerks/etc are in on their targeting it immediately discredits the TI to whoever they tell their perception of what is happening to them. Especially if it is a family member who knows they are not involved...

Coordination to an environment can be things such as stopping the electronic harassment once a TI does a certain action, carrying out electronic harassment coordinated to the actions of people the targeting sources would like a TI to accuse/attack/ and/or believe is one of the sources of their targeting, and much more. Almost any environmental factor can be effectively coordinated to electronic harassment to convince the target of illusions. I call acts like this technological mind tricks. Technological mind tricks are abundant with targeted individuals as well as in "New Age" circles.

After experiencing coordination of electronic harassment to an environment with extreme intensity, I can safely say the surveillance grid is extensive, and the most powerful governments on the planet have extensive media and environmental surveillance of planet Earth. They can coordinate electronic harassment to almost anything. Anything on cable TV or youtube they have analyzed and can coordinate. They have thought surveillance of any target they would like on Earth, and can coordinate much with said technologies.

I will write an article on Street Theater and Organized Stalking/Gangstalking/Zersetzung/Zersetsen in time, stay tuned for that.

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