Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dr. Robert Duncan Diploma and Harvard Thesis

I highly respect Dr. Robert Duncan for his work in the field of targeted individuals as well as exposing the covert technologies the population of the world is currently being afflicted by.

Like anyone who is a truth teller Robert has been attacked with attempts to discredit him(as he predicted in his book(s)). One of the biggest claims against him I see people bring up all the time is he never went to Harvard. I researched this a bit and found a picture of his diploma, as well as found this posted on a forum:

Proof of attendance at Harvard: Dr. Robert Duncan takes flack from trolls, confused TIs, the naive and clueless public, and government agents who defame and try to tear him down and one such false claim is that he isn't a Harvard attendee or Harvard graduate.

I did the search for information myself and confirmed that he did in fact attend Harvard. I looked for his dissertation, and I located his thesis on Computer Generated Holograms which he mentioned in his book, The Matrix Deciphered. Harvard lists this thesis as being available in the Harvard Gordon McKay Library and Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory Library on it's website, written by Robert P. Duncan call number CSDuncan1991, barcode 32044056580962.

"The Library provides information resources and services to support faculty research, graduate and undergraduate level instruction in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Collection includes 126,393 volumes and 564 currently received journals."

On March 5th 2015 Dr. Robert Duncan uploaded a scan of one of his diploma's to Peacepink.

Not only that, I have Robert as a contact, and one of his personal emails is a Harvard email, which is only available to alumni.

Anyone who has the courage to speak sensitive truths in the field of alternative information is bound to be discredited by the same sources they are exposing. I am quite sure I will be further character assassinated for my own work if it gains any notable attention.

In my view Dr. Robert Duncan is a true hero, and the flack he has gotten for simply trying to help targeted individuals, and convey the truth to the public I see as wrong. In my view Dr. Robert Duncan is the best source for practical advice for TIs. His books are linked in the book section of this website. He deserves support...


  1. Do you have contact information for the Dr.?

    1. Yes I do, but I don't think he'd like me giving it away.

  2. if he got a ph.d. in neural network optimization then he should have some research published somewhere! His talks and research are based on commonly available information that any one can look up. He doesn't use any concepts that any one would not know from basic reading skills. His talks belie any kind of science background - except maybe an undergraduate.

    Maybe should someone go read his harvard thesis and photocopy it. For example I have a master's degree - it's online. I have articles published and quoting me from the University of Minnesota when I went there. There should be some mention of the man in regards to Dartmouth or his research, etc. He says he studied with Chomsky at M.I.T. I personally corresponded with Chomsky - his reply to me is online. So c'mon Duncan - give us something.

  3. If Duncan is a fraud and a grifter why would he choose activism? Why would he waste his time blowing a whistle that -like a dog whistle- is only heard by those who would want to not only publicly humiliate, disparage, and discredit him but harm him and his family? He has little, if anything, to gain by addressing a tiny minority of people on the outermost fringes of society. As for his educational background being public, his research, and distinctions, i can say this: There is a government within the government that- as hard as it may be to believe, consisting of individuals who share in common some very rare and innate qualities that distinguish them from the rest of humanity, who can and DO suppress and remove any record of someone working in a sensitive area where most projects are not only classified but illegal and free from any Congressional oversight whatsoever.

  4. I'm a to why isn't everyone a victim its because they are protected


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