Monday, August 24, 2015

The Police, Feds, and Mental Health Are Not There to Help

As can be seen in this video:

Speaking about one's targeting to the police, mental health "professionals", or the feds is never productive. Almost all of them will just think you are insane, and it can lead to detention in mental health facility's. It never ends targeting, it never is a solution. In fact speaking of one's targeting situation to any of the 3 I mention is more often than not counter-productive.

One of the worst parts about being a TI is that you have no support to turn to from official sources. Instead of help from these sources, they often misdiagnose TIs and push/force harmful drugs on them, and lock them up in psyche wards.

The Police cannot stop targeting, even if they believe you.
The Feds(FBI etc) are not interested in curbing this issue, and will even fabricate evidence against you to justify locking you up, as seen in the above video.
Mental Health "professionals" deal with mentally ill people all the time. I'm not sure a single psychiatrist in America can identify the truth, that governments around the world are indeed targeting people with invisible weaponry. Psychiatry is not a science and it is not a solution for legitimate targeted individuals.

If you are targeted with v2k, I personally would not go telling a doctor or psychiatrist. They are not equipped to help, even if they do believe you(which is pretty much never the case). Nowhere in the indoctrination of psychiatry is there information about legitimate government targeting, and especially there is nothing about microwave hearing to produce voices in a targeted individual's mind. They are out of their league when it comes to targeting, and pretty much never help, and in many cases can hurt the TI involved.

If you need support I recommend Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance support groups. Or finding a TI friend who has more experience than you who can offer advice.

If any TIs would like a friend and an open ear they can add me to skype or use the contact form. I do try to help any TI that comes to me, but it isn't always possible. I do not have ultimate solutions to targeting, but I do have a lot of experience with the tactics used in targeting.

I considered stopping helping TIs one-on-one because at times they are weaponized via mind control against me when I offer my friendship/help. The fact that I wish someone was there to help guide me to better decisions when my targeting first happened leads me to always offer a helping hand to TIs who need it.

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  1. its fuckin worse. they have always been there to run illicit programs on us. of course they arent there to help. There is great documentation on past abuses, it has always been this way.. Mind Control : Americas Secret War is a good start for info as is research into cointelpro, mkultra, and modern day NSA info from Russ Tice, William Binney, and Thomas Drake.


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