Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Worst Human Rights Violations of Our Time

Electronic harassment is affecting many thousands if not millions of people right now on planet Earth. What I speak of are covert as well as overt human rights abuses happening in people's lives via black project technology.

Once you experience the targeting sources in depth for yourself you realize how incredibly dark they are. Their agenda is corrosive to truth to put it in simple terms. Sources of truth in this day and age are targeted. The societal engineering and political picture the top of the pyramid(those who have the apex technology) isn't pretty. And opposing corruption on Earth seems to offend them...

The targeting reality on Earth in the 21st century I would say is the biggest injustice of our time after having my eyes opened to how abundant it is and could potentially be. I have detected a strong likelihood of technological attacks in countless people, ranging from family members to stories I read on internet forums.

These technologies are deeply entrenched into our society already and are behind in depth societal engineering and control. The technology's capability to hide behind illusions to targets obscures how abundant these attacks really are. People are almost all unaware of the capability of these technologies. I aim to help change that with my book...

Transhumanism is not only the future, it is already here.

My upcoming book, Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained will cover cutting edge mind control technology extensively, and what the black ops sources are doing with these technologies,... so stay tuned for that. :)

I have been experiencing severe electronic harassment while trying to write good articles. So there may be gaps in time between articles...

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