Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Brain Fingerprint is as Unique as Those on Our Hands

Posting this article for reference to my thought surveillance testimony. Dr. Robert Duncan speaks of remote thought surveillance via advanced technologies using the Earths electromagnetic field as an EEG. This particular article ties into that because it shows everyone has a unique mental fingerprint, so using the Earth electromagnetic field as an EEG is proven a bit more feasible with these breakthroughs.

I personally applaud neuroscience breakthroughs, the more these technologies become public the harder it will be to get away with weaponizing them.

The most common term for what I call thought surveillance is Remote Neural Monitoring.

Snips from the relevant article:
A new study from Yale University has concluded that brain activity is as unique as a fingerprint. The researchers see much potential in the technology, while others fear the onset of a brave new world.


More ominous is the fact that it didn’t matter whether a person’s mind was at rest or not when attempting to identify them by their brain activity.

Read More: Source ~ Russia Today

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