Thursday, December 31, 2015

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This website will have a new look for the new year. For the next few hours I will be redesigning this website. Some things may clash or not make sense while this is happening, this is only temporary.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Involuntary Eye Movements ~ 21st Century Targeting

I have experienced many cumulative hours of eye tortures where an AI connected to directed energy weapons hijacks my own control of my eyes and controls them in various unfortunate and painful ways. This is a particularly heinous torture I have endured.

I have been out in public while my eyes were controlled to look like I was having a seizure. The worst thing they have done with this torture is control my eyes to look upward painfully, while straining my eyes... I now use sunglasses everywhere I go just in case they start doing this.

This action by the targeting sources lead to eye damage for me, and typically when it happens I am being threatened or disrespected via v2k(electronic telepathy).

This post may not be very logically hard hitting for credibility. However I want to get this out there in case someone else is experiencing this as well, but may not know what is happening(if they seek out answers).

Targeting in the 21st Century is abundant, and the sources targeting people are very malicious in their actions. Not only are they unethical, they intentionally try to do the worst things possible to people. They are careless about others well being, I think that sums it up...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Threats and Experiences with v2k

This will be a very dark sort of 'clinical'/history type post. If you are sensitive to dark reality's I do not recommend reading this.

These are some of the threats I have gotten in v2k sessions with the targeting sources of modern day.

Things they have said to me(Some of these are paraphrasing various forms of electronic telepathy):

"We are going to destroy you[again]."

"We are going to make you deaf[I'm a musician]."

"We are going to damage your brain."

"We are going to take away your senses."

"We plan on making you paralyzed and torturing you in a hospital."

"If you report us to the FBI, you will be in a mental hospital."

"We are going to kill..." [Many Loved Ones]

"We are going to torture..." [Many Loves Ones, Even Animals]

"You will end up suiciding..."

As you can see, a lot of the things they say are very crude and threatening. They want to keep targets in a state of fear, and through that fear they control targets. These threats used to affect me, but they no longer work...

More v2k quotes of my communication with these sources;

Me: "Why are you doing this to me?"
Them: "We don't like you."
Me: "Why do you care so much about my music being good?"
Them: "We don't want you to gain power."
Me: "Why do black ops agents..."
Them: "I don't call myself a black ops agent, I call myself an 'intelligence specialist'."

As you can see, the targeting sources are extremely dark. They obviously have been perfecting how to damper someone's psychology with v2k, and do this liberally in the modern day from what I have seen.

I will add more to this list as they happen or I remember them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cell Phone Towers Potential Source of Mind Control and v2k

I have pondered this a bit, along with research, experiences, and my various contacts...

Cell phone towers emit RF energy, which I believe is capable of mind control based on my research of these technologies.

RF Hearing is radio frequency voices in a mind. I am unsure if what I experience is microwave hearing or RF hearing, but whatever it is it is comprehensive. Any type of voice can be reproduced with artificial intelligence and the right frequency signatures.

Nikola Tesla first predicted the use of RF energy weapons back in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Mind control directed energy weapons according to my research can be RF energy. Directed energy weapons can be microwaves, ultrasonic/scalar/sonic waves, RF energy, ionic, and much much. Many of these travel at the speed of light. Electromagnetics may be the core of directed energy weaponry methods...

I am not fully sure what RF energy can do in terms of mind control. But something is the culprit of synthetic electrical signals in the brain or can reproduce their effects in full. With how abundant I detect mind control, I would say cell phone towers are quite potentially the #1 culprit of modern day electronic mind control. It is abundant I'd say.

There is good evidence out there in the form of whistleblower testimony reporting cell phone towers are used as weapons against humanity[vs. activists, experimentation, etc]. Ex-CIA engineer Dr. Robert Duncan's admitting to silence about cell phone towers was deafening. Cell phone towers are probably the biggest source of targeting on planet Earth in my view, with satellite being second, and in person targeting being third in my personal opinion(some TIs disagree there).

The US government has had electromagnetic directed energy weapons for several decades now...

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