Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cell Phone Towers Potential Source of Mind Control and v2k

I have pondered this a bit, along with research, experiences, and my various contacts...

Cell phone towers emit RF energy, which I believe is capable of mind control based on my research of these technologies.

RF Hearing is radio frequency voices in a mind. I am unsure if what I experience is microwave hearing or RF hearing, but whatever it is it is comprehensive. Any type of voice can be reproduced with artificial intelligence and the right frequency signatures.

Nikola Tesla first predicted the use of RF energy weapons back in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Mind control directed energy weapons according to my research can be RF energy. Directed energy weapons can be microwaves, ultrasonic/scalar/sonic waves, RF energy, ionic, and much much. Many of these travel at the speed of light. Electromagnetics may be the core of directed energy weaponry methods...

I am not fully sure what RF energy can do in terms of mind control. But something is the culprit of synthetic electrical signals in the brain or can reproduce their effects in full. With how abundant I detect mind control, I would say cell phone towers are quite potentially the #1 culprit of modern day electronic mind control. It is abundant I'd say.

There is good evidence out there in the form of whistleblower testimony reporting cell phone towers are used as weapons against humanity[vs. activists, experimentation, etc]. Ex-CIA engineer Dr. Robert Duncan's admitting to silence about cell phone towers was deafening. Cell phone towers are probably the biggest source of targeting on planet Earth in my view, with satellite being second, and in person targeting being third in my personal opinion(some TIs disagree there).

The US government has had electromagnetic directed energy weapons for several decades now...


  1. Robert Duncan is a fraud. I've checked out his credentials and he never even attended Harvard, nor does the CIA have any record of his employment. He has never proved his background, and refuses to debate them for fesar of being found out. I've been trying to debate him for years. He knows I can prtove that his claims about the extent of the technology are false. I've already done so.

    1. That's odd. I have an article showing a confirmable source to Dr. Robert Duncan's thesis at Harvard. And if you think the CIA would confirm a black project scientist whistleblowing on them, your crazy.

      Dr. Robert Duncan is no fraud.

  2. A former DARPA scientist Paul Batcho discovered harmful frequencies coming from cell towers in Florida. I came to conclusion it had to be satellite delivered. Either way, it's a pretty amazing technology. Info on it has to leak at some point.


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