Friday, December 25, 2015

Involuntary Eye Movements ~ 21st Century Targeting

I have experienced many cumulative hours of eye tortures where an AI connected to directed energy weapons hijacks my own control of my eyes and controls them in various unfortunate and painful ways. This is a particularly heinous torture I have endured.

I have been out in public while my eyes were controlled to look like I was having a seizure. The worst thing they have done with this torture is control my eyes to look upward painfully, while straining my eyes... I now use sunglasses everywhere I go just in case they start doing this.

This action by the targeting sources lead to eye damage for me, and typically when it happens I am being threatened or disrespected via v2k(electronic telepathy).

This post may not be very logically hard hitting for credibility. However I want to get this out there in case someone else is experiencing this as well, but may not know what is happening(if they seek out answers).

Targeting in the 21st Century is abundant, and the sources targeting people are very malicious in their actions. Not only are they unethical, they intentionally try to do the worst things possible to people. They are careless about others well being, I think that sums it up...

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