Sunday, October 9, 2016

NWO Agenda: Malicious Soulular Programming


This could be the most evil situation possible, and it is currently being done by the perpetrators of a technological global conspiracy. I am a witness to overt and intentional radio frequency mind control technology usage intended to maliciously program my soul. I have endured countless events where I was being overtly mind controlled via directed energy weapons with the malicious intent of sabotaging my soul.

Transhumanism technologies have a capability to program the soul. They also have the capability to severely damage the soul. They must be used with great responsibility. Currently groups that control entities like the CIA are using near godlike technologies to attack humanity in the most aggressive and psychopathic ways. I believe the actions of these criminals are so severe they deserve some of the worst punishments possible in existence.

How it is Done:
As I understand it; by programming consciousness the soul is programmed. By mind controlling things that are lesser intelligence, more assumptive, less aware, or downright stupid into a person's mind that will condition their soul with malicious maths.

What has been happening to me; electromagnetic mind control is being used in conjunction with an electronic telepathy AI to implant mental variables I can tell have the intention of damaging or maliciously programming my soul.

They also have a taste for giving me synthetic emotions that I can tell are dissonant to my soul. I can tell the people programming these targeting AIs are complete degenerates and they want company...

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Omnisense: Cell Phone Towers Rigged as Mind Influencing Direc...

Omnisense: Cell Phone Towers Rigged as Mind Influencing Direc...: Being completely blindsided by malicious US targeting programs lead to myself researching the science of mind control. This has lead me on...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0 -


Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0 (Approx. 16 Minutes)

Targeted Individual Tactics
-Gangstalking / Street Theater Used to Discredit Targets
-v2k Used to Discredit or Psychologically Direct Targets
-v2k Used to get TI Thought of as Mentally ill
-Sleep Deprivation
-Character Assassination
-Drugging of the TI
-Engineered Psychosis via Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
-Psychological Direction via Engineered Experiences
-Trauma Based Mind Control - Electronic Tortures of All Types
-Electromagnetic Mind Control of People Surrounding a Target
-Suicide Programming

Gangstalking Illusions
-Technological Street Theater Cleverly Packaged as Gangstalking
-Gangstalking Illusions Done via Full Suite of Remote Influencing Technologies
-Technological Orchestration of Events to be Beyond Coincidence Leading to False Conclusions
-Artificial Intelligence Oversees Orchestration and Makes Decisions in Real Time or is Programmed
-Remote Neural Monitoring is One Ingredient (AI Processed Thought Surveillance)
-Thought Reactive Remote Neural Monitoring Targeting AIs
-Electromagnetic Mind Control of Neighbors+ to Coordinate the Cover Story of Stalking
-Electromagnetic Mind Control of the TI can Take Place
-Directed Energy Weapons Used to Augment Negative Psychological Factors of the Operation

Aspects of Targeting
-Black Project Technology Used in Extremely Malicious Ways
-An International Black Ops Crime Syndicate Targets the Global Population
-Political Dissident Targeting (Technologically Rehashed COINTELPRO)
-Covert Influence on the Famous (Covert Electromagnetic Mind Control)
-Poor and Disheveled Targeted Overtly More Commonly
-Some Targeting is Simply to Discredit the Idea of Targeting (PSYOPS)
-Torture and Mind Control are Common in Targeting
-Zersetsen; To Inflict as Much Suffering as Possible without Leaving Marks
-Zersetzung; Psychological Techniques to Silence Political Opponents
-Directed Energy Weapon Assassination

“Targeted individuals are in a battle for their own credibility.”

Targeted Individual Cover Stories
-Cover Stories are Developed for Sensitive Operations
-Misdirection Related to the True Source of One’s Targeting
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Augmented Illusions
-Provides for Effective Safety Measure for Breaking International Human Rights Laws
-Technological Influence as a Supernatural Cover Story
-Black Ops Tech as a Spiritual Warfare Facade (Demonic/Jinn Cover Stories etc)
-Religious Psychological Direction (IE: God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit Cover Stories)
-Technological Ghost Cover Stories
-DEW + AI Influence as Gangstalking (Done via Artificial Intelligence Orchestration)
-Mental illness Cover Story Used to Conceal Targeting Reality

Artificial Intelligence's Role in Targeting
-Controls Directed Energy Weapons
-Processes Remote Neural Monitoring
-Operates Electromagnetic Mind Control Decisions
-Develops Thought Surveillance+ Based Psyche Profiles
-Behind Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy/v2k Interactions (v2k is AI Based Telepathy)
-Carries out Synthetic Dreams
-Behind Targeting and Torture Automation
-"If x happens then the AI does y" Pre-Programmed Targeting Molds
-Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Targeting Artificial Intelligence (Targeting AI that Reacts to Thought)
-Capable of Coordinating & Engineering Events and "Synchronicities" so powerful it can Fool People that it is "God", the "Devil", or the Supernatural+
-Behind Coordination of Comprehensive and Mind Blowing Orchestration in Creating "Gangstalking" Illusions

Gangstalking - Organized Stalking - Zersetzung
-One Reason it is Done: To Discredit a Target; To Frame them as Mentally ill
-Potential Recipe For Success: Ignore the Stalkers
-Done to Whistleblowers and Various Other Targets
-Do not ever attack someone you think is stalking you - Violence is Self Defeating
-Be mindful of technological illusions
-Be careful who you tell of your targeting (The System is Rigged vs. TIs)
-Stay Calm - Try to Preserve what is left of your life
-Master Your Emotions Related to Targeting (If Possible)

Black Ops Assassination Techniques
-Emphasis on the Cover Story
-Technologically Engineered Car Crash
-Mind Controlled Overdose
-Directed Energy Induced Heart Attack
-MKULTRA'd Lone Gunman
-Engineered Fatal Freak Accidents (IE: Much Like; Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix)
-Mind Controlled Suicide (Targeting Sources Know Suicide Programming Well)
-Directed Energy Weapon Induced Plane "Accidents"
-Electromagnetic Mind Control/v2k Murder by Proxy
-Assassination to Augment Agenda in a Global Conspiracy (Societal Engineering Assassinations)

Music Used in the Video:
0:00-6:16 The Track: Chambers of Mind from my Album Omniverse
6:55-8:57 The Track: Perseverance (Part 1) from my Album Melodica
9:11-12:52 The Track: AI Rabbit Hole 2.0 from my Album The Underworld
12:52-13:28 The Track: In the Garden of Good and Evil from my Album Atheist Angels
13:28-End The Track Spirit of the Martyr from my Album Dimension of the Mind

Friday, August 26, 2016

Black Ops Assassination Methods -



A key to successful black ops assassination techniques is operating a successful cover story. Whether the cover story is an overdose, car crash, or heart attack, there will almost always be an explanation for mainstream consumption. Very rarely do they resort to just shooting someone these days.

Black Ops Assassination Methods:
-CIA's Bag of Dirty Tricks
-Emphasis on the Cover Story
-Technologically Engineered Car Crash (I have been in one of these)
-Mind Controlled Overdose (Any Convincing Cover Story)
-Directed Energy Induced Heart Attack (As one ages these cover stories get more ripe)
-MKULTRA'd Lone Gunman (If the lone gunman cover story works on you, you have got some work to do!)
-Engineered Fatal Freak Accidents (IE: Much Like; Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, & Kurt Cobain)
-Mind Controlled Suicide (Targeting Sources Know Suicide Programming Well)
-Directed Energy Weapon Induced Plane "Accidents"
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy
-v2k Murder by Proxy
-Assassination to Augment Agenda in a Global Conspiracy

In regard to the technological induced car crashes, I can testify that the shadow government both has the ability to induce car "accidents" in a controlled environment and has been murdering people via these methods. As covered in previous material of mine, directed energy weapons operate invisibly and provide a means to get away scot-free from crimes. Through the control of people while driving under a precise artificial intelligence guided electromagnetic mind control, exact events can be engineered under very convincing cover stories.

Directed Energy Weapons Provide for both Slow Kill and Fast Kill Direct Assassination Methods

Directed Energy Weapon Assassination

Fast Kill
-Directed Energy Weapon Induced Heart Attack
-Directed Energy Weapon Induced Stroke
-Rupturing of the Heart
-Severing of Arteries

Directed Energy Weapons can control cars very precisely, and thus can crash them precisely.

Slow Kill
-Microwave Induced Tumors
-Microwave Induced Cancers
-High Radiation Levels

More from
The Electronic Control Grid
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations

Saturday, August 6, 2016

3D Sound via v2k tech -


Another thing I have experienced in my extensive technological targeting is 3D sound via v2k. 3D Sound in my experiences is using directed energy weapon neuroscience to create depth to an illusory sound giving it a location to the auditory senses of the mind. These technologies can make it appear as if sound is somewhere when it is really not there. The sources doing this to people are in constant trickery-mode and they do 3D sound to targeted individuals on a daily basis.

How this is done; the same neurological variables physically happening when hearing authentic sounds are being reproduced using physical control of the mind aka directed energy weapon neuroscience. The same set of techniques used in a different way can manipulate existing sound signals in the brain in methods known as heterodyning.

I have experienced heterodyning of my audio cortex and will cover that in a future article...


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The Electronic Control Grid
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Directed Energy Weapons
Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k
The Neurobody
NWO Agenda
New Age Psy Ops Social Media:
Twitter: @mkultraRF
Covert Transhumanism Facebook Page

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Electronic Control Grid


The Electronic Control Grid (Approx. 50 minutes)

Video Synopsis:
In the world today is a massive technological based conspiracy using Directed Energy Weapons and Black Project Artificial Intelligence. Black Project AI Controls Directed Energy Weapons. Remote Neural Monitoring turns the human brain into a 5 sense surveillance device. Electronic Telepathy can impersonate any existent or fictional being. And Electromagnetic Mind Control can completely hijack a mind...

This video aims to give watchers a birds eye view of what is going on after a crash course on directed energy weapons and black project technology capabilities, while developing awareness based defenses of this technological warfare. The Electronic Control Grid is the second full length film produced by Omnisense. Covert Transhumanism was the first.

Electronic Control Grid Soundtrack
Available for Free/Donation here.

Video Topics:
-Covert Transhuman Control Grid
-Mind Control Research
-Targeted Individual Testimony
-Directed Energy Weapons
-Remote Neural Monitoring
-Virtual Reality - Synthetic Dreams
-Electronic Telepathy - v2k
-Black Project Artificial Intelligence
-Open Source Senses
-Cloning of the Senses
-Electronic Harassment
-Psychological Warfare
-Psychological Operations
-New Age Deception
-Microwave Hearing
-Microwave Auditory Effect
-Dr. Barrie Trower
-Dr. John Hall
-Targeted Individuals
-Telepathic Impersonations
-MKULTRA Cover Stories
-Directed Energy Weapon Murder by Proxy
-Directed Energy Weapon Slow Kill & Fast Kill Methods
-Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
-Technological Rigging of Pro Sports
-Electromagnetic Mind Control
-Electromagnetic Mind Hacking
-Electromagnetic Neuroscience
-The Neurobody
-Technological Optical Illusions
-Strategic Efforts to Produce Apathy in the Masses
-Weather Warfare

Some Quotes from the Film:

Cover Stories:
“A demon facade creates a prime environment for getting away with crimes perpetrated [by] these technologies.”

“Directed energy weapons operate invisibly and are potent enough to appear supernatural.”

“The sources with these technologies love to impersonate a higher power, or create the idea a higher power will do everything for us so the hidden hand operates more smoothly.”

“Every time I hear a high level Satanist spoke directly to Satan I instantly think of v2k. I’ve seen some Satan energies and images via v2k so I know they have them discovered and loaded.”

Remote Neural Monitoring
“The head of the NSA, CIA, and USA military get remote neural monitoring reports which are essentially surveillance based electronic telepathy. Surveillance based electronic telepathy involves getting recordings of thoughts [played back] from remote neural monitoring AIs.”

Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society
“In existence since sometime in the 20th century is a military industrial complex electronic telepathy secret society cybernetic network, these are the true rulers of the world in my opinion. End game AI and directed energy weapons is analogous to the ring in lord of the rings, and i feel can be accurately stated as being the Holy Grail of project mkultra…”

New Age Psychological Operations - Psychological Warfare
“Division of population via belief systems, one looks irrational to the other and vice versa.”

“Control the opposition with false light information sources…”

“There are new age cover stories for literally every single type of technological influence i have experienced in almost a decade of extensive technological targeting experiences.”

“Once the US military and intelligence agencies got capable remote influencing technologies they developed a strategy in a war against the truth. What they decided to do was a massive set of new age psychological operations that in the modern day have ensnared millions of people. These psychological operations are a set of calculated untruths to combat the truth movement of the internet age.”

Some Art from the Film:

Watch The Electronic Control Grid's sister film; Covert Transhumanism.

Omnisense Web:
Twitter: @mkultraRF
Covert Transhumanism Facebook Page

Friday, July 8, 2016

v2k Murder by Proxy • Directed Energy Weapon Murder (Video)

Video Description:
v2k Murder by Proxy. Directed Energy Weapon Murder by Proxy. The military industrial complex and intelligence agencies are committing high crimes with these technologies. The limits of v2k are the limits of consciousness, this yields an environment for impersonation that people are vulnerable to without being initiated to what these technologies can do.
Video Snips are Used under "Fair Use" for Education and Comment
Music is the track "Demon AI" from my album 'The Underworld'
Article this video is an Echo of:
Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy - v2k Influenced Murder
Stay up to Date with my Work:

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Targeted Individuals: Organized Stalking - Gangstalking || Street Theater

Source Article -

Through my own targeting I was made aware of street theater tactics designed to discredit people in a new age of COINTELPRO-like directed energy weapon targeting programs.

Gangstalking/Street Theater ~ Covert Transhumanism (Approx. 2.5 Minutes)

What targeted individuals refer to as “Gangstalking” I would put into two main categories. Legit organized stalking which was developed by the Stazi in Germany in tactics known as Zersetzung/Zersetzen, and the other which is actually street theater not gangstalking, although the target thinks they are being stalked...

What I have witnessed taking place in the 2nd scenario(street theater) is comprehensive thought surveillance and mind control is carried out on a target and people surrounding the target to make it seem like various individuals are somehow in on the targeted individual’s targeting, when they are just being mind controlled in a coordinated way by black project AI, completely unaware of what they are part of.

What I am saying is a certain demographic of TIs are being fooled about the nature of their targeting. Electromagnetic mind control and remote neural monitoring are central to this new age of technological COINTELPRO-like programs. With the right electronic control grid coordination some pretty crazy experiences are possible and likewise when the target speaks of those experiences they are often considered crazy or even locked up in a psyche ward(as a couple TI friends of mine have suffered).

Of course not all cases of gangstalking involve technological illusions, but that is one of my areas of expertise so I figured perhaps this article could help some TIs piece together the labyrinth of illusions and make some sense of what is happening in their lives. If you are targeted keep in mind the apex perpetrators of 21st century targeting (electronic harassment, gangstalking, etc) are prolific illusionists. Arming one's self with knowledge of what directed energy weapons can do will develop a mental defense against being fooled by them.

One pattern I have noticed in the many TI cases I've come across is most TIs have some sort of technological illusion or profound experience sourced to directed energy weapon mind control programs. This could be in the form of 'clairvoyance', uncanny 'synchronicities', out of body virtual reality experiences, Satan or God electronic telepathy/mind control illusions, and any other possible tech related experiences.

Cover stories are used very commonly in 21st century street theater experiences. One of the prime cover stories used by black ops sources is the supernatural. Directed energy weapons notably have potent capability so profound it can pass as supernatural very easily to targets. Black ops sources would rather TIs think their targeting is supernatural as it obscures their presence. Safe to say many targets are fooled of AI based technological illusions worldwide...

Reasons to Target a TI with Gangstalking/Street Theater:
-Classic Tactic to Discredit a Target
-Societal Engineering (The perps of targeting are bigtime societal engineers)
-Eugenics (Elimination of Certain Bloodlines)
-Destroy the TI's Life (Get them drugged, sectioned, considered mentally ill)

Advice to TIs:
-One of my Keys of Success vs Targeting is Not Reacting Negatively to Negative Psychological Factors
-Do not ever attack someone you think is stalking you - violence is self defeating
-Be mindful of technological illusions
-Be careful who you tell of your targeting
-Stay Calm - Try to Preserve what is left of your life
-Try not to get too emotional or better said master your emotions related to targeting

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Omnisense: How Directed Energy Weapon Mind Control is Done

Source Article

Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience:
Cutting edge black project neuroscience involves using RF Energy or Microwaves and beaming them to areas of the brain automating the function in that brain area. In other words using electromagnetic directed energy frequencies and beaming them to areas of the brain that simulates electrical signals that are generated naturally. These methods can produce a wide variety of experiences and results. Such as; Visuals(Virtual Reality - VR), Voices (v2k - Electronic Telepathy), 3rd Eye Experiences in the Realm of the Mind(exotic directed energy neuroscience), and full blown mind control (electromagnetic mind hacking).

RF Energy, Microwaves, Sonic(Ultrasonic+) are the main directed energy weapon mind control methodologies I am aware of. You can bet public RF Energy and Microwave discoveries related to the mind are coming in the future.

Space Age AI Guidance Systems:

Mind blowingly precise AI guidance systems control directed energy weapons. A target can be moving or in a car or plane, and the v2k and other tech neuroscience is still active. I suspect the US military has perfected apex guidance systems for directed energy weapons with how good they are. These technologies are potent enough to appear godlike to targets...

The Hardware(Prime Suspects):
-Cell Towers / GWEN Towers
-HAARP-like Installations

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Omnisense: Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience

Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience Capabilities;
-Electromagnetic Mind Hacking / Electromagnetic Mind Control
-Remote Neural Monitoring / Thought Surveillance
-Electronic Telepathy (Telepathic Impersonations)
-Virtual Reality / Synthetic Dreams
-Synthetic Signals in the Brain (Experiences of Any Type can be Induced)
-Cloning of the Senses
-Technological Illusions (There are New Age Cover Stories for All Technological Influence)
-Technological Channeling (Behind Major Disinformation Programs)
-Electromagnetic Stimulants + Many More
-Potent Torture Capability
-Potent Recreational Capability

Directed Energy Weapon Mischief in the World;
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Allows for Revolutionary Opportunities to Control the Opposition
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Based False Flags
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy - v2k Influenced Murder
-Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
-Technological Rigging of Pro Sports
-Covert Transhumanization of Assets
-Technological Dragnet of COINTELPRO-like Programs
-New Age Psychological Operations
-Cover Stories Developed / Exploited for All Directed Energy Influence
-Targeted Individuals / Electronic Harassment (Severe Human Right Abuses)
-Electronic Torture of Targeted Individuals

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Omnisense: Electronic Harassment Electronic Harassment: Electronic harassment is a modern day reality for thousands if not millions of targeted individuals(TI). Myself and other targeted individ...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Omnisense: Electromagnetic Mind Control

Omnisense: Electromagnetic Mind Control: Electromagnetic Mind Control can control every single mechanic of the mind. The mind is open source and has no firewall from acute mind hacking. A good portion of what I go through as a targeted individual is Electromagnetic Radiation Neuroscience or Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience. Electromagnetic waves which alter the human mind and travel at the speed of light. Future public neuroscience will find the brain is highly suggestible to electromagnetic radiation...

Read More:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Omnisense: Technological Mind Tricks

Omnisense: Technological Mind Tricks: Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions Written by Omnisense March 19th, 2016...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Omnisense: Remote Neural Monitoring

Omnisense: Remote Neural Monitoring: 1. Remote Neural Monitoring turns the Human Brain into a Surveillance Device 2. Remote Neural Monitoring Bypasses Encryption 3. Remote ...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Omnisense: Directed Energy Weapons

Omnisense: Directed Energy Weapons: These 4 words embody perhaps the most unknown and massive conspiracy on the planet: Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience. According to ...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary is a low budget quasi-documentary produced by Omnisense in 2015-2016. The film covers a wide ranging field of black project technology capabilities and black ops perpetrated with these exotic technologies.

I call Covert Transhumanism a quasi-documentary because it contains more testimony and whistleblowers than a standard documentary, a large portion of this documentary is my own testimony and based on my own experiences. I have zero doubt that the technologies spoken of in this documentary will be proven science one day...

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

Featured in the Documentary; Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Lars Drudgaard, Dr. Michael Persinger, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, Tyrone Dew, Allen Hornblum, Omnisense, and more.

Covert Transhumanism Soundtrack;
All 25+ Original tracks in Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary Produced by Omnisense. Music Page
Covert Transhumanism Soundtrack List

Covered in the Video;
•Electromagnetic Mind Control (At the Speed of Light)
•Whistleblower Testimony
•Government and Scientific Sources Verifying Mind Control
•Cutting Edge Mind Control Capabilities Explained
•How Mind Control is Done
•History of Mind Control
•Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS)
•Black Ops Perpetrated via Black Project Technology
•Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
•Telepathic Impersonations
•Black Project Post-Singularity Artificial Intelligence
•21st Century Targeting ~ Targeted Individuals
•Electronic Warfare / Electronic Harassment
•Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
•Aspects of 21st Century Targeting
•Gangstalking / Organized Stalking / Zersetzung / Street Theater
•Technological Possession
•Suicide Programming
•Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy/v2k
•Mind Control Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•Brain Waves are Electromagnetic Waves (RF Energy)
•Cell Phone Tower Conspiracy (RF Energy)
•ELF Waves (RF Energy)
•HAARP (RF Energy)
•Electronic Telepathy Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•NSA’s SIGINT ~ Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance)
•Manchurian Candidates
•Trauma Based Mind Control
•Mind Control Techniques
•Modern Day Mind Control Programs
•Black Project Technology
•“New Age” Psychological Operations
•Common Remote Influencing Technology Facades
•Technological Channeling Analysis
•Technological ESP
•Synthetic Sensations via Directed Energy Weapons
•Synthetic Dreams ~ Virtual Reality (VR)
•Black Project Spending
•Brain/Mind Mapping
•Operation Paperclip
•Operation Armageddon
•Artificial Intelligence based Demonic Possession Facades
•Defenses to Mind Control
•The Shadow Government
•The Surveillance Grid
•Psy Op Methodologies
•Mechanics of Perception
•Technological Conspiracy Quotes
•Transhumanization of Society
•What I call “The Covert Transhumanism Era”

Quotes from Covert Transhumanism;

Technological Illusions;
“Through the effective use of covers, sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades.”

Black Project Post-Singularity AI;
“Artificial Intelligence revolutionized the covert ops field.” (and so did synthetic telepathy)
“Black Project AI is central to the Global Conspiracy.”
“AI provides Revolutionary Compartmentalization Opportunities.”
“Artificial Intelligence Models Predict the Future.”
“Artificial Intelligence is behind Technological Mind Control.”
“Artificial Intelligence is behind Remote Neural Monitoring.”
“Simulation of any Brain/Mind Mapped Being.”

Electronic Telepathy / Synthetic Telepathy / v2k;
“In existence is a Military/Intelligence [agency] Electronic Telepathy Secret Society”
“Any being in existence (and even fictional characters) can be impersonated via electromagnetic technologies.”
“Any Energy including Profound Love can be Feigned.”
“All Concepts and Frames of Mind have been Mapped via Mapping Electromagnetics with Electronic Telepathy.”
“The entire universe can be deciphered through mapping electromagnetics and electronic telepathy.”

Directed Energy Weapons;
“These experiences are so strong they’re utterly real for the person who has them, they can be as profound as a religious conversion, yet we can generate them with a machine.” ~From a Dr. Persinger clip
“Whoever controls the best directed energy weapons controls the world without guns or bullets.” ~Vladimir Putin

The Senses;
“I have learned that anything the senses experience can be synthetically reproduced by end game technology.”

Targeted Individuals;
“All targeted individuals are in a battle for their own credibility.”
“My name is Dr. John Hall, I’m a medical Doctor from Texas. As a physician, relative to some of what you’re hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons, microwave auditory effect, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning,… Which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home, most of these from the research that we’ve reviewed can be done remotely. It seems to be more weapons research than medical research. I’ve personally corresponded with upwards of 1,500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation. Of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing radiation. For the use of cognitive control or behavior control….”
“These perpetrators torture victims in their physical control, this is cruel unusual treatment and a terroristic hate crime that damages a subject’s health, finances, dignity, employability, reputation, and human property while disrupting our mental faculties.”

In a nutshell;
"It seems AI has the power of the Matrix(in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in." ~Andrew Hale

If you liked the video version of Covert Transhumanism, you may like the book as well. The book is projected to release late 2016 - 2017 in free PDF on and self published for Hard Copy.

See my Covert Transhumanism Page for more details on the book...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Targeted Individual or Mind Control Themed Songs 1.0

The beginning of this Metallica song to about 3:46 I feel represents myself and many other TIs in ways. Some people are targeted very early on in their lives... Knowing the targeting sources I would say the lead singer of Metallica would be a likely source of targeting, especially after hearing these lyrics.

Relevant Lyrics of this Song:

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

New blood joins this earth,
And quickly he's subdued.
Through constant pained disgrace
The young boy learns their rules.

With time the child draws in.
This whipping boy done wrong.
Deprived of all his thoughts
The young man struggles on and on he's known
A vow unto his own,
That never from this day
His will they'll take away.

What I've felt,
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown.
Never be.
Never see.
Won't see what might have been.

What I've felt,
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown.
Never free.
Never me.
So I dub thee unforgiven.

They dedicate their lives
To running all of his.
He tries to please them all –
This bitter man he is.

Throughout his life the same –
He's battled constantly.
This fight he cannot win –
A tired man they see no longer cares.


What I've felt,
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown.
Never free.
Never me.
So I dub thee unforgiven.

Omnisense Bio

I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

Omnisense Portfolios

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The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting