Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Omnisense: How Directed Energy Weapon Mind Control is Done

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Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience:
Cutting edge black project neuroscience involves using RF Energy or Microwaves and beaming them to areas of the brain automating the function in that brain area. In other words using electromagnetic directed energy frequencies and beaming them to areas of the brain that simulates electrical signals that are generated naturally. These methods can produce a wide variety of experiences and results. Such as; Visuals(Virtual Reality - VR), Voices (v2k - Electronic Telepathy), 3rd Eye Experiences in the Realm of the Mind(exotic directed energy neuroscience), and full blown mind control (electromagnetic mind hacking).

RF Energy, Microwaves, Sonic(Ultrasonic+) are the main directed energy weapon mind control methodologies I am aware of. You can bet public RF Energy and Microwave discoveries related to the mind are coming in the future.

Space Age AI Guidance Systems:

Mind blowingly precise AI guidance systems control directed energy weapons. A target can be moving or in a car or plane, and the v2k and other tech neuroscience is still active. I suspect the US military has perfected apex guidance systems for directed energy weapons with how good they are. These technologies are potent enough to appear godlike to targets...

The Hardware(Prime Suspects):
-Cell Towers / GWEN Towers
-HAARP-like Installations

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  1. thank you for this info...I am into truth and this seems like it is...I will be reading and watching to see! Lynne


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