This website was set up to assist targeted individuals in any way I can manage it. I have worked with many targeted individuals over the years and helped them figure things out, or just offering friendship in a barren environment in terms of friends...

I know many of the tactics used on targeted individuals as result of my research, experiences with black project technology and targeting, as well as interactions with TI's. I aim to publish my knowledge on this website over the years. I hope I have enough money to keep this website going for a long time...

If any targeted individual would like my help or has any questions about targeting, you can use the contact form at any time.

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Omnisense Bio

I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting